School Programs

 Hosting over 5,000 school nights annually, the Stevi B's school fundraiser nights have become an integral part of our community commitment and to helping schools raise money for various needs. Raising money with Stevi B’s is easy too, all you have to do is enjoy great food and fun with your family, friends and classmates and a portion of your sales will be donated back to your organization. Find out more about our fundraising events.

Contact us about other ways your school can partner with Stevi B’s including raising money with our fundraiser cards for re-sale, recognizing student achievements with our certificate program and serving as a field trip destination with our Pizza Tours. Stevi B's is the ultimate education partner. If your school is not currently partnered with us, please let us know so we can begin to support you and your school. If you are interested in scheduling a fundraiser event for your school you can now use our online event request tool.