It’s a proven fact that having a family meal together fosters a sense of belonging.  At Stevi B’s we are proud to take that concept one step further.  We feel as if the “family meals” we all share in our restaurants anchor us in our community.

As part of your community Stevi B's strives to be an active and participating member.  We are proud to join you in supporting the individuals, organizations and causes that make this community a better place.  To assist our local community, Stevi B’s has created programs and incentives to help you raise funds, increase volunteer participation and recognize the hard work of volunteers. 

We enjoy participation in fundraisers, special events for schools, churches and civic groups, team nights and Boy and Girl Scout activities.  Aside from hosting events and field trips, we develop customized award certificates to encourage individual achievement in scholastics and citizenship, which promote a sense of civic responsibility while providing the recipient a special free treat at Stevi B's. 

There are many benefits to partnering with Stevi B’s for your group or organization.  We work with all kinds of groups, big or small, helping you raise money for your school or organization.  Stevi B’s also has programs to help groups increase participation and team spirit.  In the end, it is our neighborhoods and communities that benefit the most.  If it is important to you, it is important to us!

Program information is available here on our website. However, feel free to contact your local Stevi B’s or email us at to find out more.  Together we can make a difference!